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IC695CPU310 - PACSystems RX3i CPU
Type File Name Date Posted Size Description
 GFK2329AC.pdf 06/01/11 427K IC695CPU310-GZ (release 6.71): Corrects the behavior of the Logic Driven Read/Write to Flash service requests. 
 GFK2329AB.pdf 12/17/10 179K IC695CPU310-GY (release 6.70): Support for new modules, enhancements to Modbus RTU protcol and other improvements. 
 GFK2329AA.pdf 04/02/10 169K IC695CPU310-GX (release 6.01): Provides for OEM protection in flash-based systems that do not use a battery.  
 GFK2329Z.pdf 09/25/09 133K IC695CPU310-GW (release 6.00): User Defined Types; Variable Indexed Arrays; Logic Driven Write to Flash; Backplane Operations Controller Enhancement 
 GFK2329Y.pdf 03/18/09 125K IC695CPU310-GV (release 5.70) -- Support for IC695RMX128, functionally identical to IC695CMX128. 
 GFK2329X.pdf 01/21/09 128K IC695CPU310-FU (release 5.61) -- Output modules now go to their configured state when CPU is unresponsive. 
 GFK2329W.pdf 11/19/08 124K IC695CPU310-FU (release 5.60) -- Support for PACMotion Multi-axis Motion Controller 
 GFK2329V.pdf 05/20/08 159K IC695CPU310-FT (release 5.50) -- LREAL data type; Run-mode store of EGD 
 GFK2329U.pdf 03/11/08 144K IC695CPU310-FS (release 5.03) 
 gfk2329t.pdf 12/19/07 142K IC695CPU310-ER (release 5.02) 
 GFK2329S.pdf 08/30/07 200K IC695CPU310-EP (release 5.00) 
 GFK2329R.pdf 12/04/06 141K IC695CPU310-EN (release 3.83) 
 GFK2329Q.pdf 07/28/06 187K IC695CPU310-EM (Releaes 3.82) 
 GFK2329P.pdf 05/26/06 212K IC695CPU310-EL (Release 3.81) 
 GFK2329N.pdf 01/26/06 217K IC694CPU310-DK (Release 3.52) 
 GFK2406B.pdf 01/26/06 217K IC695CPU310-DK V353 (Release 3.53 - Upgrade Kit Only) 
 GFK2329M.pdf 11/11/05 221K IC695CPU310-DJ (Release 3.51) 
 GFK2329L.pdf 09/16/05 227K IC695CPU310-DH (Release 3.5) 
 GFK2329K.pdf 08/11/05 244K IC695CPU310-CG (Release 3.12) 
 GFK2329J.pdf 07/26/05 243K IC695CPU310-CF (Release 3.11) 
 GFK2329F.pdf 04/18/05 252K IC695CPU310-CD (Release 3.00) 
 GFK2329D.pdf 12/23/04 95K IC695CPU310-CC (Release 2.90) 
 GFK2329C.pdf 11/19/04 201K IC695CPU310-CB (Release 2.80) 
 GFK2329.pdf 11/18/04 196K IC695CPU310-AA (Release 2.5) 
 GFK2329A.pdf 11/18/04 58K IC695CPU310-BB (Release 2.51) 
 GFK2329B.pdf 11/18/04 196K IC695CPU310-CB (Release 2.51) 

Type File Name Date Posted Size Description

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Publication Number: GFK-2329

Revisions and important product information for IC695CPU310.

Note: Refer to the PACSystems Controllers Battery and Energy Pack Manual, GFK-2741 for information related to memory backup batteries. The information in GFK-2741 supersedes the information in all versions of GFK-2329.

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