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PDS Proficy Driver Server 3.6
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Code : PDS
Vendor : GE Intelligent Platforms
Hardware Manufacturer : GE Intelligent Platforms
Notes : Proficy Driver Server 3.6

Installation Instructions

See the Readme in the documentation

Release Highlights

 Proficy Driver Server 3.0+ SIM Updates

  • All updates released as SIMs for the Proficy Driver Server 3.0 and up for the Proficy Driver Server and its protocols are included in version 3.6.

 The Proficy Driver Server v3.6 now includes a BACnet protocol.

 The Proficy BACnet Client (PBC) provides a flexible interface between Proficy Driver Server (PDS) and devices that use the BACnet protocol.

 PBC is designed to:

  • Work seamlessly with PDS.
  • Interoperate with virtually any BACnet device.
  • Report data through any OPC Client.
  • Have expanded capabilities when working with HMI/SCADA products, e.g. Proficy HMI/SCADA CIMPLICITY.

Note: If upgrading an existing version of the Proficy Driver Server, you will need to install once to upgrade and then install again, or modify from the control panel to add in the Proficy BACnet Client.

ID: DG322
Category: I/O Drivers
Last Updated: 03/18/14
Date Created: 05/07/12
Status: Published
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Language: English
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