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Version : 8.1
Brief Description

Note: CIMPLICITY 8.1 SIM 26 is cumulative with CIMPLICITY 8.1 SIM 25 and prior.

Issues Resolved

CimEdit Scripts/Screen Saves - CIMP-3719 - 1-1564136289
If a CimEdit script that auto opened, modified and saved other screens was run, the screens were not saved.

Note: The save failed whether or not a prompt to save them was included.

CimEdit scripts can now successfully save other opened and modified screens.

CimView Transparent Objects/Upgrade  - CIMP-4346 - 1-2683845981
Screen Objects that have transparencies did not upgrade properly from CIMPLICITY v6.1 to CIMPLICITY v8.1.

Note: The objects were not transparent As a result, the screen back color and objects hidden behind the configured transparent object remained hidden.

Screen Objects that have transparencies now upgrade properly from CIMPLICITY v6.1 to CIMPLICITY v8.1.

Database Logger/Renamed Point's Logging Attributes - CIMP-4218 - 1-2762808331
When a point was renamed the Database Logger:

a) Replaced the old point ID with the new point ID, which was correct.
b) Did not retain the point's configured  logging attributes; instead it re-assigned the default attributes, which was incorrect.

When a point is renamed the Database Logger now:

a) Replaces the old point ID with the new point ID
b) Retains the point's configured logging attributes.

Derived Point (Delta Accumulator Point Resets) - CIMP-4295 - 1-1381157162
At times the Delta Accumulator points did not reset properly after the reset point attempted to trigger a reset.

Note: The Delta Accumulator point value could be reported as being too high and the reset failed.

Delta Accumulator points now reset successfully after the reset point triggers the reset.

Remote Project (Login Failure/ Logged Error ) - CIMP-3370 - 1-1599126351
Beginning in CIMPLICITY v8.1 SIM 23 an error message was logged in the project's Status log when an Enterprise server's remote project login failed. However, the message did not include the project name.

Now when an error message is logged because an Enterprise server's remote project login fails, the message includes the project's name.

ID: DN4076
Category: SIMs
Last Updated: 09/17/13
Date Created: 09/17/13
Status: Published
Attachments: Yes
Language: English
User Group: All


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