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CMX (Control Memory Xchange) Network Time Synchronization to less than 100 Microseconds Absolute Time between PACSystems Controllers
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Support :  Low
Version : 1.0
Description : 

Using purchased GEIP Embedded Compact PCI Computer Hardware, purchased Symmetricom GPS / IRIG-B Hardware, included PACSystems C Code Blocks and included Linux operating system image and application it is possible to hold less than 100 microseconds absolute time between any two PACSystems Controllers on a CMX based network.

C Code Blocks, that are provided, can be used on any PACSystems CPU platform and run in the normal sweep and read a precise time value that is placed on the CMX network every 33 microseconds. The local PACSystems clock is synchronized to this time value every 1 second to assure maximum time accuracy and only consumes a low number of microseconds to process. A local Time Zone Offset and a CMX network transmission Delay Offset can be adjusted as C block parameters.

This Applied Solution also contains a TinyCore 3.5.1 Linux based operating system image and embedded application that does all the work. The image is only 128 megabytes in size and simply needs to be copied to a Compact Flash drive for use on the GEIP Compact PCI Single Board Computer that must be purchased. Load the image and set 1 parameter and done. See User Guide in the attachment for all of the details.

Please contact for any additional information.

ID: DD291
Category: Applied Solutions
Last Updated: 12/23/11
Date Created: 06/09/11
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