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Sequence of Event Recorder for PACSystems RX3i using SQL Server
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RX3i Controllers All All

Support :  Low
Version : 3.0
Description : 


Solution Updated


NEW !  Solution updated to include sync of RX3i via IRIG-B with High Speed Counter Module.

Solution supports SQL Server 2000 or 2005 as Data Archiver.  Please direct support questions about this solution to the GE Intelligent Platforms e-Forum, in the Applied Solutions Support forum.

It has recently been discovered that non-English Windows Users must add their equivalent of Group "Everyone" to a created Group named "Everyone" in the Computer Management section of Administrative Tools. 

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SOE Collector requires Windows 2000 or XP - DOES NOT WORK with Windows 7 or Later

ID: DD233
Category: Applied Solutions
Last Updated: 02/23/12
Date Created: 02/18/08
Status: Published
Attachments: Yes
Language: English
User Group: All


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