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How to Go Online with an RX3i PLC via Ethernet Cable When the MAC ID Sticker on IC695ETM001 is Missing


To configure an IP address in IC695ETM001 module when one is not assigned, the “Set Temporary IP address” utility is used in Machine Edition. The assigned MAC ID address of the ETM001 needs to be entered in this utility. But if the MAC address ID sticker on the module was lost, how can one go online with PLC via Ethernet cable?


An IP address can be configured on the ETM001 Ethernet Interface with the missing MAC Address sticker this way:

  1. Install the ETM001 in slot 3 which does not have the MAC address ID sticker, then insert another ETM001 in slot 4 which has a MAC address ID sticker. Connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet interface in slot 4.
  2. If the IP address of ETM001 in slot 3 should be, use the “Set Temporary IP address” tool to set temporary IP address of the ETM001 in slot 4 to be Then go online with the ETM001 in slot 4 using that IP address.
  3. Download the hardware configuration to the controller, assigning IP address to the ETM001 in slot 3.
  4. Remove the ETM001 in slot 4, then connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet interface on ETM001 in slot 3. Now go online with the module using IP address

To identify the MAC ID of ETM001 in slot 3, “Wireshark network protocol analyzer” or “Station Manager” can be used.

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